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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the new Green Eggs Therapy Blog! I am so excited to be starting this, mostly so that I am no longer limited in my word count on Instagram (those who know me, know I can be wordy...) but also because this platform will allow me to give more detailed information on how parents can help their children to develop, learn and succeed.

One of the biggest contributors to success of occupational therapy treatment is carryover of learned therapy skills at home, however over the last seven years of being a pediatric occupational therapist I have found that follow through at home is one of the biggest struggles. While I have tried many strategies to promote carryover, I still find that many parents don't feel that they have the time, resources, or knowledge to complete a home program. Therefore, I have sought out advice from parents to learn what/how parents want to receive information, and what will help in order to carryover given suggestions. The one thing I hear over and over again is that parents want something quick and SIMPLE!

There are SO many resources out there for parents, and my question over the last few years has been what resources do you use/want, and why are you not using others? Again, it goes back to time and simplicity. So, my new goal is to provide you all with quick, simple strategies that you will WANT to follow through with, and that require little materials/set up, to help maximize your time as well as your children's growth and skill building.

This blog is NOT to replace therapy services, but to help guide parents in further activities they can complete at home, as well as for parents whose children do not receive therapy services but would like ideas of activities for home to promote development and learning.

Therefore, with this blog I promise to keep things SIMPLE (think recipe blogs but you will no longer have to scroll through the author's whole life story to get to the actual recipe...). I am excited to provide posts, handouts, visuals, etc. that require less time from you as parents but help your children to reap big benefits!

Stay tuned for big and exciting things to come, and thanks for following along with me in this new journey!

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