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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Lite Brite

Cost: $12.12 (Regularly $19.99)

WHY: This classic is such a great gift for kids ages 4-12 to work on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, pre-writing, and more!

28 Pack Fidget Toys Pack

Cost: $21.99 (currently has a coupon for 45% off - November 1, 2021)

WHY: Many of us fidget, maybe by clicking a pen, spinning a ring, flipping a pencil, it's a very common sensory seeking behavior for adults and kids! While many of these items may be considered "toys", they are actually great sensory providers that could help increase a child's attention and focus!

My favorite items include items that are quiet so will likely be able to be used in school as long as they don't become a distraction (my kids all have rules about what can/can't be done with fidgets or they get taken away, agreed on by the student and teacher): squishy balls, Mochi squishy toys, marble mesh fidget toys, foam balls, monkey noodles, bike chain fidget, fidget beans, stretchy toys, and acupuncture ring.

Items that may not be allowed at school but would be great for home or used in school as rewards during free time, etc. (sometimes because they are a little louder or more distracting) include: fidget spinners, maze puzzle box, infinity cube fidgets, brain teaser puzzles, snake cube puzzle, and wacky tracks.

WHO: This would be a great gift for any child (recommended for 3+), especially any children who have more difficulty staying seated, or with poor attention/focus.

This would also make a GREAT gift for teachers! Not only are fidgets great sensory input but they are great rewards for the classroom, and teachers could have these on hand for children to use when necessary!

Disclosure: Posts may contain affiliate links for products that I recommend, use and love. If you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Please let me know if you ever have any questions about the products I promote. Thanks for your help in supporting the blog so I can continue to post free content!

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