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"How can I help my child learn at home?"

"What activities can I do with my child to improve their handwriting?"

"How can I improve my child's developmental skills?"

"How can I carryover skills from therapy when I don't have the resources or time?"

"What activities can I do to prepare my child for school?"

The activity kits are designed to be fun, engaging, and educational for children, addressing many developmental skills, while being simple to implement for parents!

The activity kits address:

  • Gross motor skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Fine motor skills

  • Visual motor skills

  • Feeding

  • Handwriting

  • And more!

Each month a new theme is released, with each theme including:

  • 1 sensory project

  • 1 sensory bin

  • 4 gross motor activities

  • 8 fine motor activities

  • 3 handwriting activities

  • 1 feeding activity

  • many extra activity ideas including games to play, books to read, simple craft ideas, and more!

Each activity comes with a description of all materials needed, how to implement, skills being addressed, and adaptations to increase/decrease the difficulty level.

The activity kits can be purchased as the packet/worksheets only, the sensory bin only, the basic kit which includes most materials needed (including the sensory bin) and a PDF of the packet, or the premium kit which includes most materials needed (including the sensory bin) and all worksheets printed/laminated/cut and ready to go, making it SO EASY for parents to implement!

You can SAVE money by signing up for a monthly subscription!

Join the Sensory Bin Subscription HERE

Join the Basic Kit Subscription HERE 

Join the Premium Subscription HERE

Current available themes (with new themes added each month):

  • Summer

  • Beach

  • Pirates

  • Under the Sea

  • Weather

  • Bugs and Insects

  • Fall

  • Winter

  • Construction

  • Spring

  • Space

  • Garden

  • Camping

  • Dinosaurs

  • Farm


  • Halloween

  • Happy Birthday

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

  • Easter

The shop also has sensory bins, sensory kits/jars, worksheets for fine motor skills, visual motor skills, handwriting, and more!

Specialty Sensory Bins:

  • Custom Sensory Bin - includes your child's favorite things!

  • Spiderman

  • Frozen

  • Unicorn

  • Paw Patrol

  • Nemo and Friends

  • Minions

  • Mickey

  • Minnie

  • Monsters Inc

  • My Little Pony

  • Toy Story

  • Dr Seuss

  • Tea Party


  • Valentine's Day

  • St Patrick's Day

  • Easter Alphabet Bin

  • Earth Day
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween: 
    • Pumpkin Patch

    • Witches Brew

    • Skeleton

  • Christmas:

    • White Christmas

    • Santa/Reindeer

    • Snowman


  • Uppercase Letters

  • Numbers

Toddler Sensory Bins:

  • Beginner Toddler Sensory Bin

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Toddler Sensory Bin


Mini Sensory Kits/Jars

  • Pirate Treasure Chest

  • Construction Site Lego Play Dough Kit

  • Mickey

  • Minnie

  • Buzz Lightyear

  • My Little Pony

  • Bugs and Insects

  • Finding Nemo - Dory

  • Finding Nemo - Nemo

  • Frozen - Olaf

  • Frozen - Anna

  • Frozen - Elsa

  • Cat in the Hat

  • Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Easter

  • 4th of July Pluffle

Food-Based Play Sensory Jars:​

  • Green Apple (scented kinetic sand)

  • Banana (scented kinetic sand)

  • Purple Grape (scented kinetic sand)

  • Orange (scented kinetic sand)

  • Strawberry (scented kinetic sand) 

  • Blueberry (scented kinetic sand)

  • Cupcake (scented kinetic sand)

  • Sweets (scented kinetic sand)


Sensory Bottles:

  • Uppercase Letters

  • Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Pirates

  • Easter

Skills In A Box:

  • Uppercase Letter Formation

  • Uppercase Letter Sensory Bin and Sensory Bottle

  • Cutting Skills


  • Valentine's Day

  • Paw Patrol

  • St. Patrick's Day

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