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Prime Day Deals on Things That I Love!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Disclosure: Posts may contain affiliate links for products that I use and love. If you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Please let me know if you ever have any questions about the products I promote. Thanks for your help in supporting the blog so I can continue to post free content!

Prime day is here, which means great deals on items that I love for therapy and for home! Let's just dive right in so you can get to those sales!

This design and drill game is great for bilateral coordination and visual perceptual skills! And 36% off for Prime Day!

One of my favorite puzzles for toddlers, and it's 54% off!

Not only are these great for learning math, but they are awesome for fine motor strength and coordination too! I love to use them to make patterns, and they even work with dry erase markers for some fun spelling/sight word games!

Because tweezers are life! So great for fine motor strength and coordination.

Geoboards are a great tool for visual motor and fine motor skills!

I get it, no one LOVES having them all over the house, but you can't deny the fine motor strength and coordination, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, and you can even use them for spelling/sight words with a dry erase marker! 20% off for Prime Day!

I LOVE these magnetic tiles, and I haven't met a kid yet who isn't obsessed with them as well!

These mats are so great for mess free coloring/writing/drawing, and my favorite part is that since they are so big, they encourage kids to write/draw while on their bellies!

Because, this solves the issue of the legos everywhere! Love it!

I love this for learning with manipulatives!

SO many kinetic sand kits on sale!! I love them all.

One of my favorite therapy tools!

Even my kids who HATE writing, will write on these!

I will keep an eye out for more as the day goes on, but these are some of my favorites and I don't want anyone to miss the great deals!

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